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As you've likely noticed by now, our content is free. We operate under the premise/hope that sufficient viewing of our plays will one day warrant advertisers' interest. Also, we see our plays as means to an end: toward live onstage production, as theatre is meant to be experienced. The plays serve as ideal advertisements for themselves, and all involved.

In the meantime, it would be nice to mix some black with the red. The most important thing you can do to help is to tell your friends about us. Email seems the easiest and most efficient method: if everyone would download either the invitation or one of the ticket graphics below, paste it in an email, add a personal greeting and mail it to whomever in your address book you feel would enjoy our site, and ask that they do the same, we might well be on our way. Five minutes of your time might make an exponential difference to us.  Also, given that keywords are not proving a huge help, as far as web searches go, a link to our site on any web page would be a huge help.

Also, there is now our increasingly large "PlaysInPerpetuity Propaganda and By-Products" CafePress store, at It offers everything from clothes to posters, mugs and Christmas tree ornaments. (The latter are only available with a sense of irony. Unlike the Heath_underwear, which we wave proudly.) We make no more than three dollars per sale; two if the items lack sleeves or are otherwise lesser. If the store does well, this pricing system will probably come into question, but we see the store as advertising, towards the ultimate end of meriting true sponsorship.

So again, the most effective way to help PlaysInPerpetuity is to tell anyone and everyone who you feel might be interested about what we do.

If anyone has any suggestions concerning how we can further promote our existence, or anything else that might prove helpful, feel free to let us know at


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